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Taylor Janzen's Interpersonal Release Show

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

On the evening of August 10th, the same date as the release of Interpersonal, Taylor Janzen hosted an album release show at The Handsome Daughter, which is located in Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighbourhood. The show marked Taylor’s first headline show in Winnipeg, so what an awesome way to celebrate such a milestone by being able to perform all of Interpersonal in its entirety.

Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Taylor was joined by guests Olivia Lunny and Cassidy Mann. Might I add the weather this day was a scorcher. So with very minimal, if any, air conditioning at all inside the venue resulted in a sweaty, humid environment for all in attendance. Despite the warmer temperatures and humidity within the crowded room at The Handsome Daughter, the music performed by all three talented ladies during the evening made it completely bearable to get a tad sweaty and enjoy an evening of good tunes.

Taylor’s set consisted of a couple of her older tunes off her now year-old EP, Fear and Faith, which was released back in June 2017, her fan-favorite song, "Dennis Quaid," which she stated on stage was intentionally meant to be on Interpersonal, but things changed, as sometimes they do. Taylor performed the entire tracklist of Interpersonal out-of-order, not that it really matters what order they are performed in anyways. Taylor also performed a beautiful rendition of, while offering her unique voice to "Nineteen," the 2008 single by Tegan and Sara, off their 2007 album, The Con. Taylor jokingly said she wanted to perform "Nineteen" because both it’s a good song and that she just recently turned nineteen herself.

I unquestionably have no qualms that Taylor Janzen will shortly be riding a wave of success from the release of Interpersonal. Rather it is recording even more music, performing in front of larger local or non-local crowds, or even full-on touring. She just recently performed her first gig out of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, late last month, so I can only imagine she wants to get out there and perform around the globe. Please make sure to stream Interpersonal now on your preferred streaming service or by purchasing Interpersonal on iTunes.


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