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The Free Label - "Toys" featuring Oleyada - Single

Updated: May 25, 2021

The single artwork for The Free Label's song, "Toys."

Release Date: October 7, 2020 Genre: Pop, R&B Label: Independent Toronto’s genre-defying and self-described boyband, The Free Label, are back with their newest single “Toys” following a tremendous year that saw the release of their second EP, M.I.A. The Free Label originally formed in 2017 as a funk cover band, before evolving into the multi-instrumental powerhouse you may know them as now, comprised of four charismatic Canadian musicians: Josh Daniel (vocals, guitar, saxophone), Mathew Fantini (bass, vocals), Malik Mungo (guitar, drums, vocals), and Cole Méndez (keys, synth, vocals), who all sing in addition to playing their respective instruments. “Toys” was once again produced by Gabe Galluci, who is best known for working with fellow Canadian artists such as Shawn Mendes, Francesco Yates, Johnny Orlando, and Ezra Jordan.

On “Toys,” the quintet tell the story of dating in the twenty-first century by tackling the subject of a “situationship.” The situationship in question is destined for failure, but with the passion and chemistry that will never be repeated. The single also features a vocal performance from the bilingual Toronto indie-pop artist, Oleyada, who was also featured on the track “Up In Flames” on the group’s M.I.A. EP earlier this year. With the release of their new music, The Free Label is continuing to use their voice in music to normalize the much-needed conversations about race, mental health, and relationships.

“There are so many songs about relationships out in the world already, but this is our truth about the reality of modern dating. The word ‘Toys’ felt like the right way to title a song about experiencing the ‘grey area’ of dating in the twenty-first century,” says The Free Label on their new single.

The Free Label’s new single “Toys” showcases the group's ever-evolving sound. Unlike their high octane and very certain genre-defying songs that were on their most recent EP, their brand new single “Toys” shows a more matured and soulful pop vibe to it, while still being The Free Label you may know them, or now know them to be. The single is emotionally honest and erupting charm around its guitar-driven melody, endless catchy pop beats, bouncy rhythms, while it’s combined with the soulful interplay of vocals between vocalist Josh Daniel and song guest Oleyada.


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