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The Hello Darlins Live In Winnipeg, MB

Last night, on a still miserable cold spring night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Hello Darlins took to the stage of the Club Regent Event Centre for their debut performance in the city. The five-piece band is currently touring Canada from coast-to-coast, opening for Matt Andersen & the Big Bottle of Joy. As the clock struck 8:00 p.m., the evening's host walked upon the stage and introduced the Winnipeg audience to the rising Canadian roots supergroup The Hello Darlins. As the last of the audience arrived at their seats, the host welcomed The Hello Darlins to the stage to commence the evening of country, blues, folk, and rock. As the band braced the stage to welcome the near-sold-out crowd to the show, the crowd erupted in applause and were in open arms to give the band a chance.

Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography.

Just last week, on March 24th, The Hello Darlins released their most recent effort, In The Sundust EP, which features seven brand new tracks. The new project is the first part of a two-part release and was engineered by the Grammy-winning Ross Hogarth (R.E.M., Hall & Oates, John Mellencamp, John Fogerty). The seven tracks were also mixed by a multi-Grammy award-winning engineer Mike Poole (John Prine, Martina McBride, Robert Plant).

The quintet performed a stellar performance that lasted approximately fifty minutes and amounted to about ten songs for the audience that spanned their entire discography -their debut album, Go by Feel (2021), and their new EP, In The Sundust, and previous EP, Heart in the Snow (2020). Off In The Sundust, The Hello Darlins performed a few such as "What Is a Broken Heart For," "Lay Down Low," "Highway 355," and "Do It Up Right." The band performed their debut album's title track, "Go by Feel," and a cover of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" to list off a few. At the end of The Hello Darlins' set, the audience was taken back by the awe of the roots band, and more applause rang out through the Club Regent Event Centre than at the start of their set. Without question, the band warmed the audience up for Matt Andersen & the Big Bottle of Joy. Hopefully, it doesn't take too long for The Hello Darlins to return to Manitoba to perform since they created a room of hundreds of new fans last night.

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