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Waxflower - The Sound of What Went Wrong EP

Album artwork for The Sound of What Went Wrong EP," the brand new EP from the Australian pop punk/pop rock outfit Waxflower.

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Pop Label: Rude Records The Brisbane, Australia-based pop-punk quartet Waxflower was conceived in 2020 and since has had all eyes on immediately with the release of a couple of big singles. Waxflower was a hit in their home country of Australia, performing multiple sell-out shows. It all led to signing with Australian-based booking agency Select Music, getting to perform alongside some heavyweights in the pop-punk scene such as Simple Plan, The Maine, Stand Atlantic, and The Dangerous Summer. Then they struck gold when they finally signed with the European record label Rude Records (Saves The Day, Less Than Jake, The Maine). The band is now out to further fulfill their dreams with a set of brand new songs in tow. Now, Waxflower is back with their bold and intrinsic sophomore EP, The Sound of What Went Wrong. The follow-up to their We Might Be Alright EP, which was released in 2021. Waxflower, which is made up of vocalist and bassist Tristan Higginson, drummer Daniel Seymour, and guitarists Nick Hargens and Jordan Beard. Together, the four members blend elements from pop-punk, rock, and pop and pull from their main influences of Jimmy Eat World, Kisschasy, The Maine, and nothing, nowhere. into one fun amalgamated blend of tunes with their spin on it all. The band's new EP was recorded over a two-week stint in Sydney, Australia, with producer and frequent collaborator Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Between You & Me).

The Sound of What Went Wrong opens ups with the first track, "Ring." Taking a step in a new direction from their previous collection of tunes, "Ring" introduces a lot of electronic elements to their core pop-punk sound. It's more so a pop-laden, hooky track that's endlessly catchy start to finish. It's essentially those mid-2000s-style pop-punk numbers with thick synth lines, but with more modern electronic and pop influences placed into the songwriting. Following is the track "Soak." The track is another immensely pop-influenced track, but they keep it unique with an easycore breakdown near the end of the track with heavy-sounding, down-tuned guitar chugging mixed in. The EP's third track, "The Drama Scene," drifts a bit off course with an even more pop-infused number that brings some Owl City goes pop-punk vibes to the EP. However, the band doesn't do away with the pop punk whatsoever on "The Drama Scene." Waxflower's The Sound of What Went Wrong EP closes out with its final track, "Misaligned Love." The final track features the alternative rock/indie rock singer-songwriter Sydney Spraque, who is also on Rude Records. "Misaligned Love" takes the band back to their roots with a straight-up pop-punk number. Additionally, it takes Sydney Spraque into some new territory herself -who is best known for her slower alternative/indie rock songs. Whereas "Misaligned Love" has her singing at a faster tempo and really showcasing her vocals in a new light. Waxflower's forthcoming The Sound of What Went Wrong EP is proof that genre doesn't hold the band down in any shape or form. The band isn't afraid to take risks digging into different influences and styles to further their sound and their reach. The Sound of What Went Wrong EP takes what you may love of Waxflower and adds to it sevenfold for a fun, eclectic, and diverse five-song collection of tunes. Rather you like straightforward pop-punk, full-blown pop-rock, or a more synthy pop-punk sound in the vein of The Wonder Year's early work and Motion City Soundtrack, the EP has a little bit of something for all fans of pop-punk and pop-rock. Waxflower even pushes their fellow labelmate Sydney Sprague's talents with the EP's final track, "Misaligned Love." The songwriting on The Sound of What Went Wrong EP is absolutely unmatched, and I'm very curious to see in the future how the band will further mature their sound.


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