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The American Hotel System Release New Single "Tripping"

Fresh off the success of their recent single “Seattle,” rock band The American Hotel System is excited to share their follow-up, “Tripping”, out now via SONO Music. Fans can listen to the hopeful and reassuring new track here.

Single artwork for The American Hotel System's brand new single, "Tripping."

Produced by Jake Rye (Michigander, The Newsboys, The Glorious Sons, etc.), “Tripping” touches on the journey of mental health struggles and seeking help through therapy. It’s a warm reminder that, no matter what you are going through, you’re not alone.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Jacob Betts shares: “I believe we all experience pushes and pulls in life—events from our past that propel us forward and aspirations for the future that draw us toward tomorrow. As I progress in therapy, the pain from my past has become a source of joy, pushing me forward even during the darkest moments when I feel like I’m falling…that is at the heart of ‘Tripping’.”

Fans can look forward to more coming soon from The American Hotel System. Stay tuned at

About The American Hotel System:

The American Hotel System is a rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that aims to provoke the mind through heartfelt lyrics and intentional musicality. The band has opened for Bon Jovi on their 2022 tour and their music has been featured in Relix Magazine, BuzzMusic, and LEVELUP. They are two-time Music Prize finalists and Grand Champions of Music Prize 2022.

The band was first formed in 2017 by college friends Jacob Betts (lead vox & guitar), Hailey Petty (drums), Jake LaMotte (bass), and Samuel Overman (guitar) for what was intended to be a one-off show. After playing, many in the crowd asked if the band would be recording any of the songs, which led to a studio live session of four original songs called The Searching Sessions.

In 2018, the band recorded and released their debut EP A Search for Sunken Truth, Vol. 1 and found success on college radio with their track Talk, Inc. In early 2019, they added guitarist C.T. McCallister and started production on a follow-up EP A Search for Sunken Truth, Vol. 2, which was released in June 2019 and further cemented the band’s dynamic range of musical influence and concepts. Their song 21st was featured in Relix Magazine in August 2019.

After the two EPs, the band returned to the studio to work on a full-length album. Their lead single The Feeling proved to be an unexpected hit for the band and ultimately lead to the band being named one of BuzzMusic LA’s Top 10 acts of 2019. On December 13, 2019, the band released their debut full-length album The Sunken Truth.

After nearly two years of setbacks and delays, The American Hotel System returned with their sophomore album Interrobang, a concept album exploring rhetoric through the lens of mid-century Americana and pulp.

They are currently working on a new project that will usher in a new era for the band. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

The American Hotel System Is:

Jacob Betts (lead vocals, guitar)

Samuel Overman (lead guitar, violin)

Jocko LaMotte (bass)

CT McCallister (lead guitar)

Hailey Petty (drums)


Check out more The American Hotel System: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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