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Australian Singer-Songwriter Dean Lewis Embarks On Massive The Future Is Bright World Tour

Australian pop singer-songwriter Dean Lewis first found success with his eight times platinum 2016 single, "Waves." Again with the eleven times platinum hit single "Be Alright," but had a few years of his releases not tracking anywhere the same success with listeners. However, in 2019 with some downtime, Dean took a shot and collaborated with Dutch DJ and music producer Martin Garrix on their collaborative hit single "Used To Love" and kicked another bucket-list career goal when he performed at the AFL Grand Final. Dean has now found another wild wave of success since the release of his mega third single, "How Do I Say Goodbye," off his sophomore album, The Hardest Love, which was released on November 4, 2022, via Island Records.

Press image for the Australian pop singer-songwriter Dean Lewis.
Photo courtesy of Kent Tarver.

"We had three years of COVID, and last year was a bit strange with everyone coming out of COVID and tours going back on sale. We sold out everything apart from the American tour, so my goal this year will be to sell out everything, and this time, the American tour. Things are exciting," Dean expresses. Dean is currently on a massive world tour titled The Future Is Bright in support of his recent album, The Hardest Love. He just wrapped up his string of dates in Australia and New Zealand, and later this week, he embarks on the United Kingdom and Europe for a slew of tour dates before making his way to do a lengthy three-week-long tour of Canada. Ultimately, returning to the UK/EU at the start of the Summer. More dates of the tour, in the second half of the year, are to be announced soon. "I've sold out arenas in Australia this time, we are about to sell out The Royal Arena in Denmark, and we literally just got told we sold out Cologne, which is five thousand people, and we're expanding it to ten thousand. I can't believe this! This year if we sell everything out -which it looks like we will- I've got my dream come true," he admits.

When Dean is on tour, there are five must-have essentials he needs to feel comfortable. The first is having his trusty Nelson's inhaler, which he says, "Is this thing you breathe in steam with to protect your voice." The second thing is his brother, who films a lot of content on the tour, and the third is having a lot of clean clothes. The fourth item is the biggest on his list, and that item is a tour bus. "You can't fly. You spend all your time in airports and waking up early. It ruins your voice. It also wrecks your hair. I shouldn't be talking about that, but it does. You're so exhausted and so tired all the time. The tour bus is the single greatest invention in the world," Dean confesses. "It seems like a small tour bus, but you all have these bunks, and you can go to sleep in them. They're quiet, like a coffin. It's almost like you're in a womb; it takes you back to being a baby. It's the most comfortable sleep you're going to have. It's quite private and has wifi. It's the best thing in the world," he continues. The fifth and final thing is having really good people on the road with him, and he shares that those people are "My brother, my band, and people I know and can trust."

When asked about what songs Dean is looking forward to playing live on his upcoming tour, he ended up divulging that "'How Do I Say Goodbye' is really fun to play, but it's so high and so emotional on the register that it's tougher to sing. A song that I actually really love to play live is called "Scares Me." It's just so fun to play. You're on the piano, and it's really connective. When you sing it, once you get to the chorus, I get the reverb in my in-ears, and it sounds nice when you hit that chorus. Everything sounds like it soars, and it's in the perfect key. It's almost like you're flying during that chorus." As a little teaser on what to expect on the current tour, Dean disclosed what cover song will be featured on this tour's setlist, but before that, he spoke briefly about what songs he previously covered in the past. "The last tour we did in Europe, we were doing 'Iris' [by Goo Goo Dolls]. We did Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' back in the day and The Killers 'When You Were Young,' and then 'Iris,'" Dean reminisces. "On the next tour, we're doing 'Yellow' by Coldplay. We're learning it for the next tour. You want to do one cover every tour. The next is 'Yellow' by Coldplay because 'Yellow' is one of those classic songs."

You can find all of Dean's tour dates below and you can grab tickets to The Future Is Bright World Tour here, and you can stream The Hardest Love now on all major streaming services.


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The Future Is Bright World Tour: March 26 - London, UK March 28 - Tilburg, Netherlands

March 29 - Tilburg, Netherlands

March 30 - København S, Denmark April 1 - Frankfurt, Germany April 3 - Wien, Austria April 4 - Munich, Germany April 5 - Zürich, Switzerland

April 7 - London, UK

May 11 - Vancouver, BC May 13 - Edmonton, AB

May 14 - Calgary, AB

May 16 - Winnipeg, MB May 17 - Winnipeg, MB

May 20 - Toronto, ON

May 21 - Montreal, QC May 22 - Montreal, QC

May 24 - Ottawa, QC

May 25 - Montreal, QC

May 26 - Toronto, ON

May 28 - Ottawa, QC

June 1 - Sheffield, UK June 2 - Newcastle, UK

June 4 - Leeds, UK

June 5 - Birmingham, UK

June 6 - Manchester, UK June 9 - Stavanger, Norway June 10 - Trondheim, Norway June 13 - Reykjavik, Iceland June 14 - Bergen, Norway

June 19 - Hanover, Germany

June 20 - Cologne, Germany

June 21 - Hamburg, Germany

June 23 - Amsterdam, Neterlands

July 1 - Werchter, Belgium

July 6 - Liverpool, UK

July 11 - Rome, Italy July 12 - Brescia, Italy July 14 - Barcelona, Spain

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