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Interview With Invent Animate

What are your main music influences, and how did you decide you wanted to get into the progressive metalcore genre? Invent Animate: The band is influenced by a wide range of artists but we tend to take the most inspiration from the extremes in their respective fields, in my opinion. With everything from metal acts like Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, and The Contortionist to ethereal artists like BJORK, The Japanese House, PVRIS and Harry Styles.

Press shot for the progressive metal band Invent Animate.
Photo courtesy of Chris Klumpp.

How would you describe Invent Animate’s music to someone who's just discovered it today?

IA: Invent Animate Today is a band that has refined its own branch of progressive metalcore while dipping its toes into other aspects of the music spectrum. With being in an experimental position in their career, they take their heavy, emotional and ambient approach into new waters and tries to touch the listener's hearts.

You guys just dropped a brand new single in January, "Sleepless Deathbed." How has the response been so far from fans and the media?

IA: The response has been insane. People notice that we’ve polished our metal approach, they notice that some of it touches on the old Invent sound, they notice that the song is about panic, and that we wanted to just go crazy for a moment.

Did you have any inspirations while you were writing the new song?

IA: Humanity’s Last Breath’s new record played a part in the new song, and I tried to summon my most panicked screams throughout the track. Micah from the band Oh, Sleeper really inspired my crazy approach in this song.

How's the overall process of making new music? Do you guys plan on doing it on the road, waiting until the tour is over, or do you like to sit down/do full-blown sessions?

IA: We roll around the states with a portable studio setup right now that we use to lay down some ideas on the road but the majority of songwriting happens off tour. Being around constant movement can make writing songs very hard so a calm environment is essential to us when trying to create the art.

With this new era of AI, with everyone freaking out about it, did you guys use any tools with it for the new music? And do you think people are overreacting over AI?

IA: AI is inevitably going to be in people’s toolbox when writing and producing music, and the only AI I’ve used so far is to clean up some snare and cymbal bleed in the vocal mics in live recordings.

If you can have your listeners and fans remember one thing about yourselves what would you want them to remember you by and why?

IA: People notice the growth we’re having right now, and if all of us can focus on that, then we’ll never stop.

If there was one band that reached out to you guys right now that wanted to have you guys on tour who would that dream band be right now?

IA: BMTH, Meshuggah, Gojira, PVRIS.

You're just finishing up the Beartooth tour, what city was your guy's favourite to play and the most funniest tour moment for this tour?

IA: San Antonio was a CRAZY show, so much love for Texas. The funnest moment will always be tour pranks, but more of that later [Laughs].

Do you have any tour essentials?

IA: I’m a quirky guy with a lot of tools, fidgets and rituals. I make sure to keep healthy with good sleep, steaming my voice, warming up and cooling down. I wouldn’t be able to tour without any of it to be honest. Good coffee is also a lifesaver right now.

How do you like to spend your days off on tour?

IA: Writing music, coffee shops, video games, and laying some focus on the life I have at home with like bills, calling family, and planning my life.

I saw you guys are touring in Australia and the UK later in the year! Any favourite spots that you're excited to play or check out?

IA: Australia as a whole is just an amazing place to visit. All the people are so nice and excited about music but we do have special love to Melbourne.

Finally, what are your guys' plans for the back half of 2024?

IA: We have more tours lined up, but the main focus is going to be writing music.


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