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Misery Made Me Tour: Silverstein, Dayseeker, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and One Step Closer - Winnipeg, MB

Updated: May 6, 2023

On May 2, 2023, Winnipeg's Park Theatre was the site of the Misery Made Me Tour, featuring a lineup of exciting post-hardcore, mathcore, and melodic hardcore bands. The show kicked off with the melodic hardcore sounds of One Step Closer, who got the crowd going with an energetic ten-song set that included the likes of "Lead to Gray" and "Chrysanthemum." The band closed their set with "The Reach," leaving the audience pumped up and ready for more.

One Step Closer. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Next up was SeeYouSpaceCowboy, who had not played in Winnipeg since 2019. The mathcore band did not disappoint, delivering a powerful performance with their signature sound. The audience was treated to tracks such as "Misinterpreting Constellations" and "911 Call: Help I've Overdosed on Philosophy!" The band's set was nothing short of impressive, and they certainly left a lasting impression on the crowd.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Third up during the evening was Dayseeker, a post-hardcore band making their debut in Winnipeg. The band had a solid setlist that included many fan favourites, such as "Dreamstate," "Burial Plot, "Sleeptalk," and "Neon Grave," which got the crowd fully engaged and singing along. Vocalist Rory Rodriguez was particularly impressive, showcasing his powerful voice and impressive range throughout the band's set.

Dayseeker. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Finally, the headliners of the night, Silverstein, took over a Winnipeg stage for the first time since January 2019. The post-hardcore band delivered an explosive performance, starting off with "Ultraviolet" and keeping the energy high throughout the night. The band's setlist included some of their most popular hits, such as "My Heroine" and "Smile in Your Sleep," as well as a cover of Linkin Park's "One Step Closer." The band closed the main portion of their set with "Live Like This," leaving the audience thoroughly entertained but ultimately wanting more.

Silverstein. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Shortly after a "one more song" chant, Silverstein returned to the stage and vocalist Shane Told said that the chant is a classic and that they would perform two more songs instead. The band's encore featured their classic tune "Smile in Your Sleep" and the heaviest song they've ever written, "The Altar/Mary," which had the crowd singing and moshing along. Overall, the Misery Made Me Tour stop at Winnipeg's Park Theatre was an incredible experience, featuring a lineup of talented bands that showcased some of the best of post-hardcore, mathcore, and melodic hardcore. The energy and excitement of the crowd were palpable, and the bands delivered memorable performances that will stay with fans for a long time to come.

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