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Sweet Tooth World Tour: Mom Jeans, Bearings, and Alone I Walk - Winnipeg, MB

With the weather finally starting to be warming up in Winnipeg, the city's pop-punk and emo scene came out in droves to see the incredible lineup of Mom Jeans., Bearings, and Alone I Walk. With a complete sell-out audience at The Park Theatre, the Winnipeg fans came to have the night of their lives.

To begin the night was Manitoba's own pop-punk outfit, Alone I Walk. Being selected to join the touring lineup of Mom Jeans and Bearings for the Winnipeg date -which also marked the final date of the world tour- the local pop-punkers kicked the night off just right. The group performed tracks from across their entire discography with songs like "Try My Best," "Green To Grey," and a few unreleased tracks as a treat for their loyal Winnipeg fans.

Alone I Walk. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Taking the stage as the second act of the night was Bearings, the wildly successful pop-punk band hailing from Ottawa. However, this wasn't their first time in Winnipeg, having previously played in the city on a couple of occasions which included performing in Winnipeg on openings slots for State Champs, Homesafe, Sleep On It, Seaway, and Living With Lions. Since their last visit, fans like myself have undoubtedly been replaying tracks from their discography, hoping to hear them once again. Unfortunately, the band played a more "modern" set of their tunes. Bearings played through a couple of handful of tracks like "Where You Are," "Blue in the Dark," "Sway," and their latest single, "Scenery." Which riled up the always rowdy Winnipeg audience for Mom Jeans.

Bearings. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Closing out the night was the California-based emo and indie rock outfit Mom Jeans. And it was an incredible experience. The atmosphere was electric as fans eagerly awaited the band's arrival on stage, and never being to Winnipeg before created an even bigger energy in the room.

As soon as Mom Jeans hit the stage, they kicked off their set with "Scott Pilgrim v. My GPA," and the crowd went wild. Their unique blend of emo and indie rock was on full display throughout the night as they delivered a high-energy performance that had everyone singing, dancing, and even moshing along.

"Something Sweet" and "Hippo in the Water" kept the momentum going, with the band's tight musicianship and dynamic stage presence drawing cheers from the audience. Lead vocalist Eric Butler's emotive delivery and raw lyrics struck a chord with fans, who sang every word back to the band.

Mom Jeans. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

"Crybaby (On the Phone)" was a standout performance, with Butler's vocals soaring over the driving rhythm section. "What's Up?" and "Shred Cruz" had the crowd moshing and jumping around -honestly, like the majority of the band's set. While "Poor Boxer Shorts" and "Death Cup" showcased the band's more introspective side.

"Danger Can't" and "*Sobs Quietly*" were just a couple of the highlights of the night, with the band's raw emotional energy leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. "Circus Clown" and "White Trash Millionaire" were also well-received by the crowd, who sang along to every word.

The band closed out their set with "Ten Minutes," "Edward 40hands," and the encore of "Vape Nation 2.0," leaving the crowd buzzing with energy and excitement. Overall, Mom Jeans put on an unforgettable show that showcased their incredible musicianship and emotional depth. It's clear why they've become one of the most beloved emo/indie rock bands around today. Finally, before the band called it a night, they promised they'll be back again after a successful string of sold-out shows across the west coast of Canada.

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