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Youth Fountain - Together In Lonesome

Album artwork for Youth Fountain's third album, Together In Lonesome.

Release Date: November 3, 2023

Genre: Pop Punk, Emo

Label: Pure Noise Records

Youth Fountain's third studio album, Together In Lonesome, is a heartfelt and introspective journey that beautifully captures the essence of emo and pop-punk. Tyler Zanon, the driving force behind the project, has poured his emotions and experiences into this record, resulting in a raw and poignant collection of songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

The album kicks off with a short intro track, "What Tomorrow Brings," setting the tone with a mix of melancholic melodies and Zanon's emotive vocals. Throughout Together In Lonesome, Zanon delves into a plethora of themes. Notably touching on loss, self-doubt, and the struggle to find meaning and connection in a world that often feels lonely and confusing.

The lead single, "Fallen Short," encapsulates the essence of the album. Zanon's introspective lyrics explore the feeling of inadequacy in relationships, where physical closeness does not erase emotional distance. The song's relatable themes and catchy melodies make it a standout track.

"Identical Days" delves into the monotonous and repetitive nature of depressive episodes. Zanon's lyrics and delivery effectively convey the sense of hopelessness and detachment that often accompanies such experiences. The song's evolution in the studio showcases the growth and maturity of Youth Fountain's sound.

"Twin Flame" soars with its anthemic quality, while "Roses In My Backpack" reveals a deeply personal and sentimental side of Zanon's songwriting. It's a poignant reminder of the ups and downs of life, beautifully transformed into music.

"Clarity" and "A Few Notes For Orpheus" offer energetic and dynamic moments, showcasing the band's versatility within the pop-punk genre. The album concludes with its title track "Together In Lonesome," leaving the listener with a sense of closure and reflection on the emotional journey presented by Zanon throughout the record.

Tyler Zanon's growth as a songwriter is evident on Together In Lonesome. The album is not just a collection of songs but a musical diary that delves into the artist's past, allowing him to find closure while offering solace and connection to his listeners. With its relatable themes, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies, Together In Lonesome is a compelling addition to Youth Fountain's growing discography, and it's sure to resonate with fans of the genres of emo and pop-punk. Youth Fountain continues to establish themselves as a band that can craft songs that touch the heart and soul, and this album is a testament to their talent and emotional depth.

The latest press photo of pop punk star Tyler Zanon, the main song-writer in Canada's Youth Fountain.
Photo courtesy of Alex Bemis.

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