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Capra - Errors

Album artwork for Errors, the sophomore album from metallic hardcore band Capra.

Release Date: October 6, 2023 Genre: Metallic Hardcore Label: Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records

Capra, the metallic hardcore quartet, has returned with their sophomore album, Errors, and it's a blistering, emotion-fueled journey that builds upon the raw energy and intensity that made their 2021 debut, In Transmission, so compelling. With a renewed determination and stronger songwriting, the band has upped the ante, pushing their sonic boundaries to reach the next level with their latest release.

Errors was tracked at Estuary Recording Studios in Austin, Texas, with the skilled hand of producer Andrew Hernandez. The album was mixed by Taylor Young and mastered by Brad Boatright, both of whom also worked on In Transmission. This continuity is immediately apparent as the final track on In Transmission seamlessly transitions into the opening track "CHSF" off of Errors. This seamless transition sets the stage for the rest of the album, suggesting that while the journey may feel familiar, it is about to take a new and exciting direction.

Capra's roots in the hardcore scene are evident throughout Errors, delivering a nostalgic nod to the sounds of late '90s and early 2000s hardcore and punk scenes. Yet, they manage to incorporate elements of metal seamlessly, enhancing the album's overall tone without ever feeling forced. It's this fusion of genres that keeps Errors engaging from start to finish.

The album also features notable collaborations. Candace Kucsulain-Puopolo, the powerful voice behind Walls of Jericho, joins the band on "Human Commodity," adding her unmistakable tones to the mix. Additionally, their friend Dustin Coffman from Glassing provides backing vocals on several tracks, further enriching the album's sonic depth.

One standout moment on Errors is the final track, "Nora (Last Call)." In stark contrast to the preceding tracks, this song is atmospheric, delicate, and haunting. It showcases a different side of Capra, a departure from their aggressive hardcore style, and is a testament to their willingness to explore new territories. Guitarist Tyler Harper aptly describes it as a "lighter side to the band" that adds depth to the album's emotional range.

The tracklist for Errors is a rollercoaster of intense emotions and blistering riffs. Songs like "Tied Up," "Trauma Bond," and "Kingslayer" will undoubtedly satisfy fans of hardcore, with vocalist Crow Lotus delivering gut-wrenching lyrics and an impassioned performance. The album's title track, "Errors," serves as a powerful centrepiece with its unrelenting energy and ferocious instrumentals.

In conclusion, Capra's Errors is a compelling sophomore effort that captures the essence of metallic hardcore while pushing boundaries and exploring new dimensions of their sound. The band's commitment to evolving and experimenting while staying true to their roots is commendable. "Errors" is an emotional and musical journey worth taking for both fans of the hardcore genre and those open to exploring its boundaries. Capra is clearly a band with a vision, and Errors is another step in their fascinating and dynamic journey.


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