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An Interview With Kristi Jacques

You mentioned that your music encompasses elements of pop, rock, and a touch of country. Can you elaborate on how you seamlessly blend these genres to create your unique sound? Kristi: I can honestly say that I don’t know. I’m not sure I would even say seamlessly. I don’t ever go into writing with any intention of what it will be or how it will sound. I write mostly the lyrics and I always just write what I’m feeling, thinking or even what just comes to me. I’ve said before that I have been woken up in the middle of the night many times with lyrics in my head. No rhyme or reason. Well, some rhymes [Laughs].

Portrait press photo of singer-songwriter Kristi Jacques.

Your music is often described as a reflection of your experiences and influences. Could you share a specific instance where a personal experience directly inspired a song or its lyrics? Kristi: Every song basically except for the covers. I had one very emotional song on my first album that is very personal, but I won’t get into that one. "Working On A Dream," the title track for my second album is a definite reflection of my experience. The line working on a dream while I’m living in a nightmare is a nod to the health issues I am dealing with while still working to become a musician, which has always been my dream.

You mentioned that your musical moniker is your name and identity. Can you delve deeper into how your name represents your artistic journey and

the authenticity you bring to your music? Kristi: Jacques is my maiden name and the name I went back to after my divorce. My family is very important to me. My father was the one who took me to concerts when I was little. My mother got me started in music with piano lessons. My brother was an incredible musician. My name is who I am.

Evolution of Influences: Your musical influences range from Patsy Cline to modern rock artists like Alter Bridge. How have these diverse influences shaped your music over the years, and can you pinpoint any instances where this fusion of styles became particularly evident? Kristi: I’ve really only been writing seriously for the last three years, but there is a little bit of everything in most of my current songs. I’m not sure I can really name a particular instance though. You just have to listen.

You expressed a strong desire to collaborate with Myles Kennedy due to his impact on your musical resurgence. Beyond Myles, are there any other artists, either from the past or present, that you've always envisioned collaborating with? What draws you to them? Kristi: Oh, there are many. One of them, who is no longer with us, is Tom Petty. I always loved the way he could turn a relatively simple chord progression into something so meaningful and memorable. I would absolutely love to work with Dolly Parton because, well, because she is Dolly Parton. Everyone loves and admires her, and she is a great songwriter. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Lzzy

Hale of Halestorm. I love her power and her aggression. Sometimes it’s good to get that aggression out, but in an artistic way.

While you're currently not performing live due to health reasons, could you elaborate on your favorite aspects of performing on stage? What do you look forward to most when you eventually get back to live performances? Kristi: I just want to get my music out there more. There is energy in the room when you play live and

there is feedback from the audience. I don’t get any of that playing at home to the computer. I can’t wait to get out there and play.

Imagining a future where you're performing live, is there a specific atmosphere or emotion you aim to create for your audience during your shows? What do you hope your fans will take away from your performances? Kristi: I just want them to have fun and hopefully connect with the feelings and messages of the songs.

Although you haven't performed live yet, if you could choose any iconic venue or city to kick off your live performance journey, which one would it be? Is there a place that holds a special significance for you? Kristi: I have already made plans with my producer and our mutual friend, to play together in Las Vegas (location yet to be determined) once I get past my surgery and am healed and strong again. It will be a rather triumphant moment for me to play onstage with two of my favorite people who are

also incredible musicians.

You mentioned that you're working on new songs with plans to release something new next year. Can you give us a sneak peek into the themes or directions you're exploring in your upcoming music? Kristi: I think with my first two albums I was really exploring different sounds and trying to find my sound. I have those influences of pop, blues and country but I am really a rocker at heart so I really want to go more in that direction. I do have a couple more of the songs from my Nashville sessions coming out but beyond that, you will be getting more rock songs from me. That is my hope at least. As far as themes, I want to be more uplifting and empowering with my songs. I’m constantly working, writing, and hopefully getting a little better each time.

As an independent musician, what message or advice would you like to share with aspiring artists who are navigating the music industry on their own? How important is community support for independent musicians? Kristi: I can honestly say that it’s tough. The music industry is far different these days. I guess I

came into it and the perfect time [Laughs]. Community support is crucial. That is one thing that is harder for me to navigate since I can’t get out and play live, but once I do, watch out! But really, it is a tough business, anyone and everyone can get music out there so there is a lot of competition. If it’s important to you though, you keep going. Keep pushing and just keep doing what you love. Music is what keeps me going and gets me out of bed every morning. If it does that for you, then just move forward no matter what the obstacle.

Finally, as we wrap up, is there a specific message or takeaway that you hope listeners and fans gather from your music and your journey as a musician? Any last thoughts you'd like to share? Kristi: Last thoughts... I guess I would just urge people to be kind. Be caring and supportive to others. You have no idea what other people are going through. So just be a good human.

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