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Tyler Posey - UNRAVEL

Artwork for UNRAVEL, the debut album from acclaimed actor Tyler Posey.

Release Date: May 26, 2023

Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

Label: Independent UNRAVEL is the powerful debut album from actor turned-musician Tyler Posey. Co-produced by Matt Malpass and John Feldmann, this sixteen-track debut album showcases Tyler's versatility and passion for blending genres. From punk to pop punk and shoegaze to alt-rock, UNRAVEL takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through various sonic lengths. About his debut album, Tyler shares, “Being an independent artist, there is a lot of freedom, and that’s exactly what this album is. Freedom, it’s got every genre from screamo, hardcore punk, to chill beach vibes. Listen to it from start to finish in order, to really experience the ride that is UNRAVEL, my first full-length LP!” The album kicks off with "Get Out Alive," an explosive fast-paced punk rock anthem fueled by Tyler's fierce screams. It sets the tone for the high-intensity experience that lies ahead. "Attic" follows suit, combining distorted guitars and shoegaze elements to create a mesmerizing and edgy track. Continuing the punk rock energy, "Lemon." emerges as the lead single, originally featured in Teen Wolf: The Movie. This song showcases Tyler's versatility as he effortlessly transitions between distorted vocals, cleans, and screams, creating a harmonious blend of aggression and melody.

As UNRAVEL progresses, the songs gradually shift towards softer sounds. "Understand" emerges as a full-blown alternative rock anthem with infectious pop-punk influences sprinkled throughout. "I Fall Alone" captures the essence of Blink-182 with its deep bass lines and fast, hard-hitting drums reminiscent of Travis Barker's style of playing. "Standing On The Edge" stands out as the album's sole fully-blown pop-punk number, delivering catchy hooks and an energetic vibe. "Gravity" takes a step back, offering an emotive and heart-wrenching semi-acoustic pop-punk tune that showcases Tyler's raw and vulnerable side. "P.O.S." brings a summery atmosphere to the album, featuring infectious acoustic guitar-driven melodies and DJ disc scratches, reminiscent of late '90s and early 2000s punk rock. "Runnin'," a deviation from pop-punk, introduces a change of pace. With its recorded ocean waves and a tropical vibe, the track takes listeners on a sonic journey to Hawaii, where it was recorded. The song captures the feeling of freedom and invites listeners to feel the sand beneath their feet and the mist from breaking waves on their faces. Closing out the album are two emotionally charged tracks. First is "Sing," which delves into Tyler's personal experience of losing his mother, reminiscing about their favourite song and the joy they once had singing it together. "Unravel" serves as the album's title track, a profound exploration of a mental spiral. The song begins with a slow and melodic touch, gradually building up the intensity before descending into heaviness. It concludes with a poignant slowdown, mirroring the emotional roller coaster depicted throughout the track -and most importantly, the album's entire sixteen tracks. UNRAVEL is a testament to Tyler Posey's musical talent and his ability to seamlessly navigate various genres. Additionally, showing his creative ability being an entirely independent musician. With its captivating blend of punk, pop-punk, and rock elements, this album offers listeners a captivating and exhilarating experience from start to finish by pulling at relatable life moments and experiences many others have and will go through at some point themselves.


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