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Bayside - Acoustic Volume Three EP

Updated: May 24, 2021

Album artwork for punk rock/pop-punk band Bayside's new EP, Acoustic Volume Three.

Release Date: December 11, 2020 Genre: Acoustic Rock Label: Hopeless Records

Originally, this year would’ve seen Bayside, the distinguished punk rock, pop-punk, and alternative rock band from Queens, New York, commemorate their twentieth anniversary of being a band. Alternatively, Bayside took to the recording studio earlier this year during their newfound time off in a way to keep their creative minds rolling. The band conjured up the third installment to their Acoustic series of releases. Their brand new EP, Acoustic Volume Three, features five songs. The first is a brand new track, while the remaining four tracks on the EP are acoustic reimagined versions of beloved fan favourites from their impressive, storied twenty years to date as a band.

“We had no intentions of recording anything this year,” shares frontman Anthony Raneri about the unplanned EP. “We decided going into the studio and working on something was a safe way to stay creative, do what we love and also give the fans something special.”

The opening, lead single on the new EP titled “Light Me Up” is the EP’s single brand spanking new song. The track is an acoustic ballad that is considerably upbeat through and through. “Light Me Up” celebrates the little moments of life that you may or may not have taken for granted until this tempestuous, long-drawn year. Even doing so by compiling fan-submitted clips in their happiest moments for the tracks music video, which can be viewed below.

In addition to the new track “Light Me Up,” Acoustic Volume Three also features the four aforementioned quintessential Bayside songs that have been completely reimagined including, in order of the EP’s tracklist: “The New Flesh” off their 2011 album Killing Time, “Not Fair” off their 2016 album Vacancy, “Poison In My Veins” off Bayside’s 2004 debut album Sirens and Condolences, and finally, “Prayers” off their previous 2019 album Interrobang.

Out of an unfortunate year came a bit of a blessing for Bayside by entering the studio to record Acoustic Volume Three. Instead of celebrating their twentieth anniversary on tour in front of their fans, the band is commemorating the fans by reworking their old classics for all who are waiting it out until live music can once again warm the hearts of fans worldwide. Please stay in touch with Bayside by visiting their social media in the links provided below. Come December 11th, make sure to stream and/or purchase Acoustic Volume Three.


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